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“Screw writing “strong” women. Write interesting women. Write well-rounded women. Write complicated women. Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner. Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. Write a woman who doesn’t need a man. Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks. THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.” [x]

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continuing to have romantic feelings for someone who doesn’t care at all about you  is sooo upsetting but it’s even worse when they USED to have feelings for you and then they stopped!!! i wanna roll around on the ground and kick my legs in the air and scream and then cry until i puke!! life is unfair !!!

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when you listen to a song for the first time aND YOU JUST KNOW

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At first, I didn’t hang out with celebrity kids. That wasn’t the way I was brought up. I went to a run-of-the-mill Catholic primary school when we first moved to L.A. But then I went to a high school where there were lots of ‘industry’ children. Those weren’t my best friends and I’ve never set out to make myself a part of that scene.

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get to know me meme: (1/5) ladies - peyton sawyer

it’s not about what you say, luke. it’s about what you do. if you don’t like the person you’re becoming, then do something about it. because no one’s gonna do it for you.

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Favorite badass characters: Kathryn Merteuil

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"Do you remember in kindergarten, how you’d meet a kid and know nothing about them then 10 seconds later you’d be playing like you were best friends because you didn’t have to be anyone but yourself?"

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slow down, you crazy child.
you’re so ambitious for a juvenile.
but then if you’re so smart, tell me why are you still so afraid?